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Sith Councils
Entrance Hall
Welcome to the Dark Side! Please read the "READ ME FIRST" post before you sign up!
Required Reading
Welcome to TheDarkSithLords. In order to succeed, you should familiarize yourself with several systems and institutions. In-and-out of character forum.
Assembly Hall
A public gathering where all are welcome to bring forth matters that affect the Sith Empire - In-Character forum.
Royal Courtyard
All gather to hear announcements and proclamations by the Emperor, or by Lords and Ladies of the Council on his behalf, for the entire Sith Empire, as well as administrative announcements regarding the board itself - both In-Character and Out-Of-Character forum.
Moff's Council
The formal deliberations and planning sessions of the Empire's Moffs - In-Character, Hidden forum.
Announcement Archive
For storing old announcements.
Sith Empire
Government Accountability Office
Where officials shall be reviewed by a review panel. In-character forum.
Office of Citizenship
Apply to join the Sith Empire and become selected to train as a Sith Apprentice - In-Character forum.
Training Grounds
Sith Masters coordinate the training of their Apprentices - In-Character forum.
Initiation Chambers
Masters bring their Apprentices for knighting, Lords entitle Masters, and the Emperor ennobles new Lords and Ladies - In-Character forum.
Imperial Diplomatic Corps
The home base of our Emissaries as they journey to spread news of our Empire to far-distant realms. In-character forum.
Sith Orders
Order Information Center
New Sith are often confused about the nature of our different Orders. Here you can read/review information presented by officers of each Order to help you make the important decision to further your journey to power. In-chracter forum.
Courts of the Inquisitorius
No one expects the Sith Inquisition! Our Grand Inquisitor and High Inquisitor oversee matters of security to the Empire - In-Character forum.
Church of the Dark Side
Where the Prophets of the Dark Side share their visions with us - In-Character forum.
Military Headquarters
The military legions discuss our ongoing war effort - In-Character forum.
Headquarters of the Royal Guard
Where the Emperor's elite assassins and agents train, meditate, and gather. - In-character Forum.
The Imperial HoloNet
The Eternal Empire's finest source of news and entertainment gets published here! - In-Character Forum
Order of Sith Mages
Our mystic explorers and investigators share their findings here. In-character.
Sith Saga
Saga Discussion
Sith Saga is for stories, both roleplay and prose writing, about the characters of this board and the Sith Empire we have developed. The Saga Discussion forum is to clarify the guidelines in helping to develop our saga, and provide insights about how it all ties together - Out-Of-Character forum.
The collection of tales we have written about our characters. Please note whether an author wants feedback within the thread they are writing, or if they have made a separate thread for comments - both In-Character and Out-Of-Character forum.
Character Profiles
A repository of roleplay characters developed by our users. Check here for vital character information if you are writing a story or simply wish to learn more about the Sith of this forum. - Out of character forum.
Official Missions
For Sith Masters to train their Apprentices, and larger RPG adventures - In-Character forum.
Kuati Sith Temple
Sacred ground on Kuat where no fighting is allowed, but many events important to the Eternal Empire happen, even without combat. - In-Character forum.
The Dojo
A training ground where we can hone our fighting skills against one another - In-Character forum.
Personal Roleplay
A free-for-all where anything is allowed - In-Character forum.
Sith Holocron
Legacy of the Sith
The revival of the Sith, and comparison of different eras from Sith History (events of 36 ABY and after, or involving multiple eras) - Out-Of-Character forum.
Personal Holocrons
Database of the Sith Holocrons from this Empire. In-character forum.
Hall of Dark Patronage
A place devoted to study of individual Sith of eras past - In-Character forum.
Sith Errata
Kroprulu Cantina
The general off-topic in-character or Star Wars related chat, such as of web videos and music.
Terran Culture
For the sharing and discussion of non-Star Wars related (or Earth-based) art, literature, etc. Out-of-Character forum.
Offline Activities
Discuss various events and offline work, such as costuming or any local functions that could be of interest - Out-Of-Character forum.
Coruscant Debates
For discussion of "real world" issues, including social, philosophical, and political. No blood! Out-of-character
Online Games
Have fun with various activities performed online, from word games to comparing results on other websites - Out-Of-Character forum.
Video Games
Discuss the Star Wars games, or post your ideas on new ones - Out-Of-Character forum.
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