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Happy Birthday!!!
Today is the Day of Tolerance
Discussion of Lady GaGa
Corellian natives
Mystery Item
Vampires or Zombies?
Random Rants
Related Videos On You Tube
Green Lightsabers
The Saw Movie Franchise
Spiderman's Arch Enemy
The Emperor(Palpatine not Shadow)
What should Dean get?
Celebration time?
Favorite Lightsaber Color?
Do you think there should be a New Sith Order?
NFL Season Discussion
Does This Work?
Darth Bane
NFL Season Predictions [2009]
Duel(s) That You Would Love To See
Best Duelist
Lightsaber Combat Ranks
Happy Birthday...
Where did your user name/Darth title come from?
My Poll
How do you pronouce your username?
Time active
Star Wars: The Old Republic
How did you get here?
Leave the seat for the old man
I'm 15. Some form of yaying and celebration is in order.
Yay for birthday
Happy me
Merry Christmas!
Rants and Raves
New band name
Your Themesong
2000 in under a year
1050 posts in only 2 years, 10 months, 1 week, and 6 days!!!
2000 posts in 5 months, a week and a bit
Fiery Discussion Thread of Music & Bands
1000 posts in about 3 months (well, from July 24th)
Confession Topic
2000 posts!! and 6months!!
The Dr. Phil soundboard
Cyanide and Happiness
That 70s show
Bernie Mac
1000 posts and 4 months, 12 days on the site
Birthday!!! Woohoo!!
Attack of the Clones VS Revenge of the Sith
1 Year and 2000 Posts
Know your fellows
Circle of Chairs
Heath Ledger
Darth Acheron's Rant Section
The Rule of two
Six Months Ago...
New Star Wars site
Lol....Evil Overlords Guide
One year ago...
My own bio
Natural law of combat.
30 Years Ago on May 25...
Clone Wars Series
300 Users!
Star Wars Funnies
Star Wars at 30
Help - Hilt Renders?
Advice Needed
Wiki Fanon
Hilo de Hablar español
Sith and Jedi: Fighting Discussion
Funny star wars pics
Clone Battalions
Eragon and Star Wars
Happy Birthday Rebels!!
Happy Birthday DSL!!!
A thread just for me: A Matas chat
200 and Counting!
For those of you who didn't know........
Star Wars and the Catholic Religion
First Post
Me and Matas discussion on..somthing
Funniest Member
Who wants to be a Tarna-ite?
ummmm this is a little too confuseing
Vexen's Promotion on TSC
My profile
Condensed and Animated Ep. III
Steve Irwin Killed
How many RP sites?
The Occult
Street Racing and Drifting
1969 Chevy Camaro Z38
A REAL duel.
Best Song (for those who like rap)
Dr Who Q&A and General Discussion
My conspiracy (To start a Riot)
Pirates of the Carribean *Spoilers* (read at own risk)
Dirax's ConspiracyTheroy
What Shadow Really Thinks
Reaper's Conspiracy Thing
Vexen's Conspiracy Theory
The Setian Conspiracy
My Conspiracy
My Conspiracy Theory
Still going strong!
Pettioning Lucas TV show ideas
Confederacy VS. Union
Cal Zavier Discussion
Eriaté Sulla Discussion
A new board
I was thinking
Novel of the most intricate and interesting Sith Lord known?
Religious General Discussion
Abhorsen series
The Soccer (Football) World Cup
Me vs. Obi Tyler
What do you know about Canada?
My new profile
Your Nemesis
Tell us About Yourself
Harry Potter: Q&A and General Discussion
Music, music, music please!!!!!!!
Videos, Links and Pictures - READ BEFORE POSTING A LINK
Oblivion RPG Site
How to edit photos.
new forum
Lord of the Rings: Q&A and General Discussion
A bad fire
Tell A lie abou the person above you
Freaky, but cool
Awesome saber duel
Jedi Wars
The Light...Duel.
What the Hell is an Aluminum Falcon!?
Random but cool
Sweet DBZ Music Video (It's My Life)
New site.
My sig
Happy Easter
Poems from the Darkside
who should I join
some new art that might need to be resized.
Brag About Your Accomplishments
A Bio of Our Favourite Smilies
Best Thing Ever!
The best sigs and avatars
Does anyone know how to speak Samoan
MagnaGrevious Custom Sigs
im new here
Alien talk.
OT or PT
You know you live in Canada when.... (im very original)
You Know Your From Australia When...
100 members
You Know You're From Louisiana When...
Favorite Song
Toga Party
The funniest movie ever.
What the...
You know you're from Oklahoma.....
Take my quiz
Al Bhed Language
Phobias :D
Bball fans
Most awesome Word of the Day
We have a jedi sith forum combined
Temple of "House"
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