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Perfect Storm: Kamino
Jastin wants to duel
New Battle
A Duel
Rachk's Army Training
Training Duel: Odin vs M. Praxeum
Thrax's Training Duel
Darth Thrax's Challenge
Duel me Iyezo
Durza's Training Duel: Durza and Kindrid
Training duel
Duel request
Zabrak Duel
Crozeus vs Prognie
Prophet Crozeus vs Marius Praxeum
Darth Caligulae versus Prophet Odin
Kindred Nokah versus Prophet Crozeus
Open Battle
Celestial's open challenge
Request for a duel
Training Duel: Odin vs Fien'dur
Open Challenge
Serratus's Open Challenge
Nighthawk vs. Dallow
A Long Awaited Duel - Thrax vs. Marix
Open Challenge
Sampaga vs ?
Trainig duel
A Duel Perhaps
Training Duel (Darth Ultiria - Sadow)
Duel for Training(master or above)
Force Insanity
Clash of Titans ((Djinn vs. Prophet Crozeus))
God-mod duels
Prophet Crozeus vs Darth Krathy
Darth Macht vs Prophet Crozeus
Draco Korr
duel with a sith master
Duel with a Sith Lord
Darth Serratus vs Laurio Blake
Laurio blake versus Maven
Church Internship Duel
Dueling the Supreme Prophet
Duel with a Jedi
Darth Gra'tua vs Darth Crozeus
Duel of the Mavens
practice duels
Training duel:Stero Leham
Creed vs. Darth Suspiria
Training Duel: Phoenix v Darth Serratus
Internship duel
Another open duel
Training Duel with Darth Crozeus
A duel with Krill
Training Duel
Open Duel
Maruader or above
Open Duel
Open duel
Elric de Oden: Duel Request
Jericho: Training Duel
Duel Of Fate
Roan and Madara's Duel
Open Saber duel
Open Duel, Sith masters only(Or above)
Battle of the Dark Lord
I seek a Sith Warrior or higher to Duel
Open Duel
Lucifer's Training Dual #1
Duel Warrior or Above
Zanaku Dagana Dueling test
Darth Invicta Vs. Kaz-Am Zul.
Zeram Vs Krathy
Relak vs.Invicta
Marix vs Relak
Iyezo'Dur vs. Darth Malice
Open duel for anyone
Training duel for Kaz-Am Zul
Graduation Duel for Isaah Cheve Sergei
Cat vs. Darth Legacy
Darth Malice vs. Relak
open duel against Relak
Legacy vs Darth Caligulae
Legacy vs Qel'Vos
duel with Legacy
Learning To Duel Properly (For Pussycat)
Jaden Mustik, duel for advancement.
Final Step Before Completion
Duel (opn to a master or above)
Duel (anybodys welcome)
Cimil duel
Been too Long
Pussycat vs Jaden
A Duel With A Lord
A Lesson In Pain
Sotten VS Anybody
Duel with a Master or above
Duel Against Darth Validus
Sparring Invitation
i need to duel a master ive waited a long time
Training Duel for Sephiroth
Duel with a Master (open to any master)
A duel
Duel of the Apprentices
Out of the ashes comes the clash of blades
Testing My New Body Out
Duel in the Shadows.
Sottens Duel
Testing my new style.
Prophet Qel'Vos to duel Tanya Skywalker
Looking for Spar (2nd Degree or higher)
Practice Duel
A Duel ???
Master to spar with Tanya Skywalker
Traning Duel with a master
Training duel
Training Spar - Master Third Degree or Higher
Open duel
Sparring Match
Dark Flame vs Thrax
Open Duel (Master +)
Thrax vs Relentless
A Warmup...
Old Bloods Meet Again (Kraavo VS Lithium)
A Duel against a Master
Ready and Waiting for a Challenge
A Duel with Romus Kraavo
Open duel (Master or higher)
Open duel
Ragatoe vs. Relentless vs. Kor
Who dares?
Darth Embeion calls forth a duel of honor
Arion and Legacy vs Relentless and Kor
An Open Duel Against Anyone
I'm looking for a Duel against a Master or higher
A duel against a master(or higher rank)
Shadow v. Divious
Anyone up for a duel
Duel of Legacy and Essence of Vader
Training duel for Daron and Jorus
Duel against a friend
Testing my roleplay skills with a duel
Matas vs Tarna
Seeking a Master for a duel
An Open Duel
Open Duel
Open duel
I Challenge a Master to a duel.
Open duel
1 on 1 Duel
Training duel for Ragatoe
TAnother training duel for Kor Nalnuig
A chalenge to Angmar
Trainind dual for Serino
Sparring match for Dusk and Kor
Sith Enclave,Darth Embeion and Darth Atra
Open Challeng
Sentarian Vs Serino on Mount DOOM. Planet Mourdor
A challenge to Angmar , Sith Temple on Dromund Kaas.
Serino attack!!!!
Training Duel for Angmar
Brother Vs. Brother
Sith Alchemist Seti vs. Prophet Praxeum
Another Training Duel
Master vs Apprentice- the last duel of an apprentice
Darth Matas vs Darth Aerris
Another Training Duel
Vomicus vs Aerris
Oicunn vs Tarna
The Makings of a Sith
Training Duel
My Duel With Any Master
Validus vs. Raith
Practice Duel
Duel( you are most likely gona lose)
Lorn vs Matas
Need a Duel
Tarna VS Chiako
A duel
A Challenge
Avics duel agiasn't a berthern
RPG training that is useful
I wish to spar with Samuel
I wish a duel with Matas. (Or anyone really)
I need to duel
Need Duel
a duel by order of my master...who will fight me?
Practice Duel
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