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Training Grounds
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The Trianing of Balon
The Training of Roan Sinidal
Jastin Kets
Delora Tempest - A new start
Marius Praxeum
The Training of Collificus Drake
The Training of Tylerr Durden
Training for Delora Tempest
The Training of Kindred Nokah II
Nolan Morgan: Path to the Dark Side
The Training of Fien'Dur
Lucius Black
The Training of Maven
Poseanye Kamaria
Ignatius Jacquard
I don't think i have a master
Kralius Kol
Vala Nighthawk
The training of Illah Reynar
Djinn's Training
The Training of Sadow
The Training of Zandarian Merlot
The Training of Plasma Auron
Roan Star
OOC Roleplay Training Thread for Maven
The Training of Stero Leham
Draco Korr
The Training of Laurio Blake
Phoenix's training
Glathn's Training.
Hobarth Kivar
The Training of Kye Vel'Zorn
Cameron Krill
Adriel Jailene Tilar
Elric De Odin
The souless one
Riley Cortana Keyes
Training for Zardenth
Training for Kaz-Am Zul
Training for Markus Wolf
Zanaku Dagana
Lentrunian Zarayhn
Training for Iyezo'Dur
Training for Relak
Training for Isaah Cheve Sergei
Kaz-Am Zul
Tarna's training for Desen
Desen Ferthos
Antary Mandorfe
Zanothi Ofoem
Mire Raito
Jaden Mustik
Reaverath El'Erandur
Training for Ragatoe Aront
Gabriel Bane
the Training of Andereth Sol
Training for Navey
Training for Jak
Gabriel Bane
Training for Eclipse
Training for Cat
Acheron's Apprentices
Training of Gretious
Training for Leona Jade
Training for Kronas
Training Sotten
The Training of Sephiroth
Training for Jinko
Training for Tanya Skywalker
Training for Zahrin
Training for Torran Kryll
Training for Khaar
Training for Doman
Training for Tiberus
Alternative Training - Sano Linguist
Training for Sano Linguist
Traing for Forn
Training for Kain
Training for Dark Flame
Training for Qadir
Training for Arion
Training for SinfulSamaritan
Training for Essence of Vader
Training for Dread
Tarna's training for Relentless
Training for Dradin
Training for Dusk
Training for Kor Nalnuig
Training of Nirva Kath
My Apprentice
training for Sentarian
Training for Serino
Training for Jahanara
Training for Angmar
Training for Ehyeh
Training for Kale Barade
Training for Tress
Training For Barrow Oicunn
Training for Black Star
Mathandal's training
Training for Raith
Training for Sinned
Darth Lazious looking for a apprentice of his own
Shadow's Training (yes, you read correctly)
Lorn's training
Tarna's training for Chiako
Training for Kyle/dichitiah
Training for Avic
Samuel's training
Training for Vlar
Training For Scar
Leon Danex's Training
Jenna Dirax Valar's Missions
Phobos' Missions
Training For Tarna
Lich's Semi-Final Essay
Allison Skywalker's Missions
Zalus's Final Essay
Missions to Darth Nelinik's apprentices.
Zalus's Essay
Training of Lich
The Training of Raven.
Minious(man this is weird)
The training of Wrath.
Sith or Jedi
Halo's missions
Drakengard's Missions
Sith_Youngling's Missions.
Lethe's missions
Darth Torage's missions for his apprentice.
Sable's Missions
Trayers Missions with Duff
Missions for Asmodeus
Mission: Destroy Chiss
Omega Leader's Missions.
Prophet Divious' Missions for Adenn
A Mission that needs assignment
Syrias Missions!!
Darth Reaper's missions
Seti I Shadim Missions
Trayer's missions
Darth Divious' apprentice Dellonious' missions
Apprentices of Darth Konulious. go here.
Missions for Darth Basidyus´Aprentices
Salar's Mission
Duff's Missions
Amor's missions
The missions of Aurelianus, apprentice to Darth Actir
Darth Saber and Anakin's Missions
Radius's missions
Jediducki's Lessons
Missions for apprentice Claxen
Darth Divious and Apprentice baste_windus' missions
Missions for Mortis Magma
Darth Saber and Khain's Missions
Training for Vulpine
Darth Malus' Missions to his Apprentices
Darth Saber and Shadow of the Dark Side's Missions
Lessons for Obsidian
Darth2009's missions
Missions for Darth Minious' Appretnices
Darth Scion's lessons and missions from Darth Chick
Darth Konulious's lessons and missions
Jedi Ducki
darth_grace's lessons from Darth Chick
Mission Updates
A Mission for You All
Master Actir and Apprentice Divious' current mission (11-30)
Darth Tontie and Darth Saber's Current Mission. 11-29
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