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Personal Roleplay
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Durza's unfinished buisness
Trek through Wayland
Jastin's errand
A Sith Rebellion
Exploring Onderon
Dark, Darker, Darkest
A Friendship Begun?
An Oath Created
A Matter of Time
Storms Over Cloud City
Taking out an Enemy.
Midnight Over Dxun
A Visit Home
Bastion Meeting
Meeting in the Maze
The Order of Trade
The New New World: Aeron's Terraforming
The Battle of Geonosis
The Death of a Brother.
The Truth of Things
A Night At A Cantina
Tracking the source
A New Face.
Onderonian gift
Crimson and Shadow
The Mage's Touch
Cerean Review
An Evening in Coruscant
Finding Darth Suspiria
Darth Krathy vs Anyone
The shipyards of Duro
Rebuilding of Vader's Fortress: Bast Castle
Investigations in Mon Calamari
City of Shadows
Breaking Conventions
Serratus Visits Vjun
Plague of the Church
Battle of Tatooine
Versus the Comanders
The Art of Battle Meditation
Presentation to the Church
Trial #2 - Eternal Empire vs Suspiria
New Alliances
The Domain of the High Historian
Trial #1 - Eternal Empire vs Crozeus
Training of Suspiria
Captives on the Aggregator
Stop at Mygeeto
Breaking Borders
Recollections of a Sith
The Dragon Wars (non-canon)
The Dark Lord's Ultimate Test
Beneath the skin
Operation: Knightfall (Non-canon)
Hunt for a Crimson Blade
Former Ties
The End of an Order
Awaking the Gods
Friend of Naboo
Setting the stones
One Chance
Mon Calamari Convention
Search for an Old Friend
Military premonitions
Naga Sadows lightsaber discussion.
Cleansing the Scum
The Padawan's War
Battle of Korriban
Outcasts Discussion
The Big Guns
Outcasts amoung Oucasts
Infiltrating the Syndicate
Naga Sadows Lost Lightsaber
Rogue Jedi
Military Mission
Special Training for Advanced Sith
Darth Walker's Naval Training.
Sith Civil War
Imperial Palace Kuat.
Darth Malice
Stars Wars Knights of the Old Republic 3.. Rise of Revan
The Chase
The Turning of Jaden
Darth sampaga Vs open challenge.
Heightened Interests
Prophet Qel'Vos Meets Tanya
The Stars are Dieing.
The Courtship of Jorus Recca and Tanya Skywalker
Snack Bar
Assassination of Admiral Marko
Against all Odds: In the Jungles of Dxun
Resistance on Bastion
Into the Heart of Bakura
Undercover Jedi
Huk Invasion
2v2 Duel
The Great War.
Attack on the Jedi Temple
Attack on Rhen Var
Infiltration on Yavin 4
Retaliation on Nal Hutta
Dradin vs. Praxuem
Vengence shall be mine!
Tress' Force Chambers
The Blade of The Force
Stolen credits
Secret Plans
Angmar come here
Assination of a Jedi
jedi seige
Regaining the Sith Flag ship
Jar Jar must DIE!!!!!!!!!
Enslavement Of the Wookies on Kasshyk
Star Wars. The Alternate Realities. Eps 4
The Quest for the Sith Holocron.
Geonosis-RP overveiw
Drink This Blue With The Dead: The Sith Library of Kefira'i
Simulation A
Storming of the Order
Destruction of a False Order
Tulak Hord Quest
Interest in: Tulak Hord Quest
The New Mandalorian Wars: The Battle of Tatooine
The New Mandalorian Wars Enlistment
The Awakening of the confederacy
Imperial Diplomacy
Gobal Conquest
i have been away
Assassination of a Jedi
Attack on Jedi
The theft of a Mon Cal Cruiser
The Yavin IV Invasion (invite only).
Transformation on Rhen Var
Final Exam (Tarna Saavo Only)
The Random Thread
The Kamino Decission
Smashball Championship
Battle of Mygeeto -Chiss War battle 1
The start Chiss War
The Battle of Bestine (Part 1 of 4 in an epic roleplay)
The Battle of the Tatooine Market.
Marooned on Hoth
The Sith Invasion of Coruscant
A story ends for one Warrior.
Attack of outpost on Dxun
Acrimonus' duel with Koras.
To find a Webweaver...
Piloting Simulator
Destruction of the Crystal Chambers
The vermin
Darth Vortax's Misson to Korriban.
The Web Of The Spider
A mission to Zhar
Darth Scion's Resignation
Taking back whats ours. ((RPRP))
Challenge against Saber and Shadow
Learning Form XII: Shiak Sai
Duel with Nheg
Public Statement to Jedi Samuel from Sith Alchemist Seti
narneytoads duel with A.M to the death
sith battle royal
mission against the hutts
Invasion of Coruscant(Anyone may join)
Mission to Corellia
Temple of Doom
The Battle for Hoth 6
Secret Jammer on Hoth
The Sith Arena
Temple of Pomojema
The battle of kashyyk
Role Play Mission Thing On Yavin Prime.
Role Play on Coruscant-Kill Palpatine!!
Roleplay On Nar Shaddaa
Suffer and Die (the RP of Empress Darth Chick)
Roleplay on Dantooine
I'll take you all on
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