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Forum Birthday

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Forum Birthday
 PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 3:43 pm  Reply with quote  
  Emperor Shadow
Sith Emperor/Admin
Sith Emperor/Admin

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Hey kids,

So as a celebration of DSL's fourth birthday, we've been slowly but surely working toward the goal of moving to a new home. It cannot be said that our departure from MFF is the closing of a chapter or the end of an era, on the contrary: this is the start of something beautiful, new, and clutter-free.

We know who we are and what we want out of the DSL experience. The new website shall reflect these ideals and these goals.

We must all acknowledge Chris M.'s tireless devotion to both this forum and to my crazy 2 AM demands in this ongoing process. He has been invaluable to this process. As are each and every one of you.

DSL is a family. We have our awkward, insulting and fiery moments but our strength comes from our unity. We have a common interest that supercedes our personal biases and goals. It has always been my best effort to champion a safe, stress-free environment.

However, recently college and a frustration with the pending alleviation because of the move has prevented my regular input here. This move, which shall be made official on 3 December 2009, is the future of those who choose to have it.

I'm crafting new in-character and out-of-character "laws" that will be enacted within the new forum's first couple of days.

So, to borrow from another famous science-fiction series, we are ready to boldly go. I hope to see you all there on Thursday and we'll kick-off a week-long celebration at our new home!

That, that is, is; that, that is not, is not.

Today's Evil Overlord Mood/Thought Process of the Day: Gungan opera

The Realist Party. You can't repel appeal of our magnitude.

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 PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 3:48 pm Reply with quote  
  Supreme Commander Alor
Dark Lord/Main Admin
Dark Lord/Main Admin

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It would have been a lonely party if you weren't given any directions.
The new domain name is: http://eternalsithorder.com


Once known as Darth Marix
We've movied! www.eternalsithorder.com

Emperor Shadow wrote:
The Military has always been a good counter-weight to my agendas..

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